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Sensory sets for training your staff who conduct tests

Reliable quality assurance using analytical sensory technology depends above all on the skills of the staff conducting the tests. Regular checking and resensitizing of the senses, in addition to acquiring an expanded vocabulary to specifically describe observations, is essential for reproducible results.

With our basic sensor test kits, you can test, secure, train and document the suitability of your staff who conduct tests and thus comply with the requirements of DIN EN ISO 8586 conveniently and with minimal effort. This applies to, for example, the recruitment of new test staff, annual refresher training, monitoring or the establishment of a new internal panel.

Our sets cover the basic sensory requirements for
smell, taste, feel and appearance.

All materials can be ordered individually and you can choose
from several supply options. 

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Basic flavors and thresholds:

Train your ability to recognize the basic tastes of sweet, sour, bitter, salty and umami which are present in low concentrated aqueous solutions to determine your individual threshold.

Smell pens for aroma training:

Identify different odors and use them to train your sense of smell for expanding and consolidating your product-specific vocabulary. For reliable detection of sensory off-flavors, for example, our off-flavor references will help you.

Detection of intensity differences in aqueous and dry media:

Recognize intensity differences within a color and train your color perception.

Detection of intensity differences in the degree of hardness:

Refine your haptic skills with the help of ten different levels of firmness.

NEW - Large TRAINING KIT as a complete set

With our newly developed training case, we offer you an overall concept for all sensory training units! The relevant tests are already compiled with exercise examples in a practical case - directly and individually applicable.

Choose from our wide range of training materials and create your own training case according to your product-specific focus. 

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