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We are pleased to offer you an in-house seminar tailored to your individual needs. We can conduct this online or on site at your company or at our premises. We will determine the training priorities by working with you in advance.

Would you like to have your employees trained on a topic related to quality assurance, analytics, sensory analysis or food law?   Just contact us. We look forward to working with you.

Examples of in-house seminars:

Hygiene Training
  • Personnel hygiene
  • Company-specific hygiene 
  • Instruction in food microbiology and hygiene
  • Instruction according to §43 German Infection Protection Act
  • Special hygiene instructions related to the workplace
HACCP Training
  • HACCP basics
  • HACCP training tailored to meet specific company situation
Sensory Workshops (with qualification test on request)
  • Acquisition of basic sensory qualifications and refresher training for in-house sensory panels, including qualification test on request
  • Expert product training using specific company in-house products
  • Sensory evaluation of food contact materials (including packaging materials) 
  • Targeted use of sensory methods (including profile tests on specific products)
  • Sensory management (panel motivation and panel set-up): concepts for the dairy and food industry
  • Overview of the current status as well as surveying new developments
  • Basics of statistics
  • Statistics in analytics (e.g. focus on proficiency testing, reference materials)
Export Requirements
  • Requirements for dairies with regard to exporting, such as to China
Dairy Technology
  • Basics
  • Basics and introduction to microbiological analysis
  • New standards in microbiology
  • Workplace safety considerations in the microbiology laboratory
  • Basics and introduction to chemical analysis
  • Workplace safety considerations in the chemical laboratory
Residues and Contaminants
  • Basics and introduction to residue analysis (focal points can be individually specified)

For any training you desire we will be pleased to quote a fixed price in which all services are included, i.e. trainer fees, preparation and follow-up, training documents and participant certificates.  Travel related expenses will be charged separately.

Upon request, at the conclusion of the in-house seminar we can conduct a written qualification or performance test to measure how successfully the material was learned.

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