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Our trained sensory technology experts perform all relevant sensory analyses - from the classic method according to the DLG 5-point schemes to matrix-based profile testing. 

We also provide you with programs for in-house training in the form of individualized training materials.


The fascination of sensory technology lies, among other things, in the fact that taste never stops changing and is constantly being redefined. 

Rebekka Wucher
Head of sensory

Exceptional capabilities and equipment
  • Years of experience using sensory technology in the evaluation of milk and dairy poducts, butter, powdered milk and whey powder, cheese and long shelf life milk products
  • Panel of experts for the evaluation of plant-based milk alternatives
  • Technical expertise using sensory analytics in the field of packaging, and evaluating materials that come in contact with food
  • Memberships in the German Society for Sensory Technology (DGSens / Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sensorik) and the German Agricultural Society (DLG / Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft)
  • Inspection and training room with standard-compliant conditions for at least 12 inspectors
Quality inspection

Sensory analysis of food products for

  • Assurance of their marketability and fitness for human consumption
  • Quality check for superior quality (seal of quality)
  • An assessment of how production parameters, ingredients or storage can influence sensory quality
  • Identification of sensory deviations and off-flavors

Our variety of methods & range of services include

  • Discrimination test methods (comparison tests): 
         - Triangle test, pairwise comparison test, A not A test, 2 out of 5 test, rank order test.
  • Descriptive test methods (descriptive tests) according to DIN 10964
  • Expert opinion reports according to DIN 10975
  • Evaluating scores for products per product-specific matrices, including a description of possible deviations
         - according to DIN ISO 22935-2+3 (testing of milk and dairy products)
         - according to DLG 5-point-schemes® (testing of milk and dairy products as well as meat and sausage products)
  • Profile tests according to DIN EN ISO 13299
Packaging sensory analysis

Sensory analysis of packaging and materials that contact food, including assessment of food law and identification of interactions between packaging material and food.

Training materials
  • Standard-compliant materials for training sessions for your own internal panel of examiners.
  • Training elements specific for odor, taste, haptics and appearance
  • Suitable for establishing a panel of examiners, as well as for annual refresher courses 
  • Minimal preparation effort and individual assembly 
Seminars (workshops, courses and in-house training sessions either face-to-face or online)
  • For acquiring or refreshing sensory skills and qualifications
  • Expert product training specifically designed with your in-house products in mind
  • Training inspectors using qualification tests according to relevant standards
  • Expert technical support in selecting the right methodology
  • Research into the causes of sensory deviations, including how to handle complaints 
  • Assistance with setting up your internal panel of examiners, panel work and panel motivation

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

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