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Legal regulations and customer needs place high demands on food producers. Certification is often required as proof of food safety. The most common standards include the IFS, BRC or FSSC.

In addition to support with audits, we also offer you assistance with export certificates.  Plus if you have additional questions, we are always available and will gladly help you. 

muva kempten GmbH knows the challenges facing the food industry and offers comprehensive expert advice for the dairy, food and packaging industries.

Our highly trained specialists provide consultation by telephone, e-mail or directly on-site. And we develop solutions specifically tailored to your company.

Our portfolio of expert consultation includes:

Consultation on technology and quality assurance issues
  • Site inspections with hazard analyses
  • Research into the causes of technological problems
  • HACCP advice for small Alpine dairies (known as Sennereien), and direct sales of products from small food & dairy farms
  • Consulting on the IFS Food 7 Standard

Consultations can be supplemented, of course, with on-site visits.

Consultation on your inspection plan for ...
  • Your in-house inspection
  • Your company specific inspection parameters (chemical-physical, microbiological, sensory)
Consulting on ...
  • specific microbiological questions, such as Listeria contamination pathways or legionella in evaporative cooling systems (guideline VDI 2047-2)
Inspection and certification of plate heat exchangers (pasteurizers)
  • Providing expert opinion reports
Training Courses
  • Food hygiene training in accordance with EU Regulation (EC) No. 852 / 2004
  • Hygiene training courses according to DIN 10514 (e.g. plant hygiene, personnel hygiene)
  • Instruction according to § 43 Infection Protection Act (IFSG)
  • HACCP training (basics, and specific to your company)
Hygiene inspections/audits
  • Hygiene inspections
  • Hygiene audits

Furthermore we offer the following services:

IFS Food 8

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Export certificates

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Expert opinion

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