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Sensory testing

Sensory testing

Modern sensory analysis, which are objectively and competently applied, offer a comprehensive system for market research, product development and quality assurance of food. This is essential for the economic success in the food sector. Muva kempten GmbH carries out all relevant sensory analysis (from the classical method according to DLG test regulations to the product-specific profile test) and also provides a system for the training and control of sensory abilities.

Key subjectMethodsFacilities

Sensory analysis of food for quality assurance

  • covering of marketability
  • quality tests for superior quality (quality label)
  • interaction with packaging

Sensory analysis of food for produkt development, workshops, training and in-house-workshops

  • aquire and refresh sensory skills and qualifications
  • product-specific workshops

Quality assurance of sensory assessors/panels

  • proficiency testing
  • reference materials

Expert advice

  • method selection
  • Panel recruitment etc.

Statistical evaluation of consumer data

Descriptive tests: e.g.

  • expert witness according to DIN 10975
  • descriptive test with scoring according to IDF or DLG
  • profile testing according to DIN 10967 und DIN 10969

Discrimination test according to the relevant standards

  • triangle test
  • paired comparison tests
  • A not A-test
  • 2 out of 5-Test

Training of assessor with qualification test according to the relevant standards

Elektronic data aquisition with software program 'Fizz Network'

Trained panels for expert witness and profile testing

Sensory testing and training room with standard conditions for at least 12 assessors