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Reference materials

Reference materials

Reference materials of muva kempten GmbH have been produced for long-term use and their basic parameters have been characterized in terms of the homogeneity and stability. Inter-laboratory proficiency testing and reference materials are increasingly becoming instruments for securing and developing research methods, both in laboratories and in production of dairy goods and other food stuffs.

Another laboratory obtains different results for the same sample.

Who`s right now?

That's the question of course. It's often difficult and embarrassing to settle this question and the consequences might be as embarrassing (and expensive) for you if this question cannot be settled in the way you'd have wished it. Actually the question is not properly asked in the above way. It should rather be 'which is the correct result?'. But this question is not easy to answer, either.

What can you do?

Today it is possible for you to make sure in advance that your results are most likely to be correct and you are able to demonstrate this, too. Quite simply by regularly taking part in interlaboratory proficiency studies (in this connection muva kempten GmbH can make you an offer of such studies for relevant products and compounds to be analyzed twice a year) and also by making use of reference materials complementary or regardless of that) for a regular internal (statistical) control of your analyses. Both is required resp. urgently recommended by the International and European Standard EN ISO 17025 'General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories'.


You can send your order straightforward with the order form for reference material by e-mail or fax. We are available for you daily from 7:30 a.m. till 6:00 p.m.

The order is handled immediately and the delivery will be as quickly as possible.

The delivery of the reference materials of muva kempten shall be ex works.

Profit from our offer:

  • discount on large offer sizes
  • periodic week and month dispatch

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Our new Program for Proficiency testing studies in 2019 is available.

More information and the registration form you find here!


Proficiency testing studies in May:

- Sensory: Triangle Test Sausage
- UHT Milk
- Sensory: Ranking Order Taste
- Evaporated Milk, Coffee Cream

Proficiency testing studies in June:

- Sensory: Trinking Water (TON, TFN)
- Chocolate, Nut-Nougat-Creme
- Sensory: Cold pressed, virgin Rapeseed Oil
- Minerals, Trace Elements in Infant food
- Fruit Juice