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4th International Conference on Separation & Drying Technologies for Milk & Whey Cologne, March 22 and 23, 2021 at Anuga FoodTec

muva kempten GmbH and Herbertz Dairy Food Service are pleased to announce that   the 4th International Conference on Separation & Drying Technologies for Milk & Whey will take place March 22 and 23, 2021.  This event is being organized in close cooperation with Anuga FoodTec and the German Agriculture Society (DLG).

Conference Language: English and German translation.  






Paricipants from around the world will gather on the day before Anuga FoodTec commences for this two day event, which will take place in the conference center on the fairgrounds in Cologne.The highly successful 2nd and 3rd Conferences held in2015 and 2018 attracted international attendees from 27 different countries.

The most recent market developments along with the very latest technological innovations will be addressed in this upcoming conference.  To that end the focus will be primarily on the following thematic points:

    • Market developments and expectations
    • Importance and influence of export markets
    • Future demand for baby foods, plus quality requirements for their ingredients
    • Optimization of production technologies
    • Measures to increase product safety
    • Improvements in efficiency
    • Safeguarding of resources

A Key Goal:  Conference attendees will benefit from an overview and up-to-date specifics of the most recent developments in the optimization of membrane and other separation processes along with safer drying methods.  Presenters will address the latest changes that make possible an increase in manufacturing efficiency and safety.  The conference is therefore immediately applicable to industry individuals responsible for manufacturing and/or development.


Target groups:

    • Managing directors and factory managers, who now supply or intend to supply milk or whey or pretreated whey to processing and drying plants
    • Managing directors, factory managers, department managers of powder factories
    • Marketing personnel, sales managers, and staff engaged in developing and commercializing milk and whey products
    • Managers in the food and supply industries

Dinner Invitation for March 22nd incl. sampling of international Specialty Cheeses:                                           

All conference participants and presenters are invited to share in an evening of collegial fellowship by signing up for a dinner to be held on March 22nd 2021.  At the dinner’s end there will be a rare opportunity to taste and enjoy a fine selection of international specialty cheeses.


Interested companies are invited to join in sponsoring the conference.

For opportunities please contact: /


Anuga FoodTec:

The Anuga FoodTec begins on March 23, 2021 (the second day of our conference) and extends until March 26th. More than 1800 exhibitors are expected to attract over 55.000 visitors, making Anuga FoodTec a focal point for meeting dairy and food industrialists from around the world.

For further information please visit: